My Team is Behind on our Numbers. We are struggling to catch up.

sales on phoneThose words came from a sales representative  in the Boston area yesterday.  I felt sorry for this sales guy.

In my mind, companies struggling to make their numbers on the last few days of Q3, like this company, have a failure in marketing.

Marketing is a business investment that takes time to pay off.  For instance, suppose you redo your website and start a blog and ebooks plus other content.  And you buy marketing automation and start lead nurturing and scoring.

Great idea – for future quarters, but not for Q4 2014.

Here’s the real problem.  Unless you invest fully in marketing, the lack of sales leads will never get fixed.  You will have that problem forever!

Here’s another idea for you if you don’t know where to turn.  Talk to the marketing experts at Find New Customers today.  Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you..


3 thoughts on “My Team is Behind on our Numbers. We are struggling to catch up.

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