10 Great Marketing Tips from Find New Customers

Here are 10 #Marketing Tips I presented to a 100 employee Saas software company in Cambridge, MA recently.  They loved these tips and for good reason.

These tips come from the award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden  President of Find New Customers, who has never once sued a client.  (Others have – like his former employer.)

But any company can utilize these great marketing tips. Please share it on social media too.

Highlighted in bold ones are the ones most companies forget to do:

  1. Don’t hide your content. Put a Resources tab on top of the website and let visitors see it.
  2. Identify your flagship content – the very best e-book or white paper or video you have and put it on a landing page.
  3. Make a landing page with your flagship content and short form, like first name, last name and email. Use Progressive Profiling for more later.
  4. Use a 301 redirect to take first time website visitors to that landing page and not your home page. The best marketing companies on Earth use this.
  5. Map your content to the buying process and find the gaps. Create content to fill those gaps.
  6. Develop buyer personas to document the processes and words buyers use.
  7. Score visitor behaviors to identify marketing qualified leads.  On-line demo good and worth points. Visit to Careers page bad and subtract points.
  8. Hand Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales and let them qualify. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) are good, but they are confirmed by Sales talking to prospects and not marketing..  Measure your results.
  9. Feature a short video of a delighted buyer on the website.  Keep it very short, like under 90 seconds.
  10. Develop metrics and measure everything.  You should continuously improve

What do you think of these ten marketing tips.  And if you are struggling to close deals at the end of the quarter, it is a failure of marketing and not sales.

To contact Find New Customers, just fill out the form below:

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