Check out Resources at Find New Customers for great free B2B marketing content

Find New CustomersFind New Customers looks better than ever, thanks to my good friend Arthur Germain of Communication Strategy Group, who did tons of work to improve it. Thanks Arthur!

Arthur also simplified the website and we reorganized the Resources tab to make our great content on BtoB marketing easy to find – for you.

You can also book a free 15 minute conversation with the award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers right on the home page. Book a meeting to rant your sales issues to me.

What you will find at the Resources tab:

How to Find New Customers is perhaps the best white paper ever written on BtoB demand generation,  Originally sponsored by Marketo, and edited by a top sales author, it is quite good and highly recommended to you. Download it and read it today.

We also have a great series of e-books with common titles of 7 Keys to (fill in the blank.)

  • Lead Nurturing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Social Media
  • and more

What do you think about the great FEE content at Find New Customers? I love comments and those who share my posts on social media too.

You can also contact Find New Customers by filling out the form below.

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