I’m sorry. but I don’t believe you. The Importance of Third Parties.

3 ParttiesThe problem of disbelief affects many companies.  Think of buying a new car.  Which of these would you trust?

  1. Your next door neighbor who owns the model.
  2. TV ads
  3. Car sales people

I bet at least 9 out of 10 people would choose 1.  Yet companies rarely reach out to trusted third parties.

That is the lesson from this very popular post at MarketingProfs.

In the Content Marketing Kingdom, Third-Party Experts Rule

“A March 2014 study by Nielsen/inPowered MediaLab looked at three types of content—branded (company-generated) content, user reviews, and third-party expert content. Hands down, the expert content had the most impact on buyers throughout the purchasing cycle, the study found.

Why? The implied endorsement of third-party experts holds much more weight to consumers than anything a company can say about itself.”

One company that clearly gets this is Mintigo, a Find New Customers client.  They hired Find New Customers to help promote them and David Raab, a marketing automation expert to write an ebook for them.

Why can’t Find New Customers past clients like Act-On Software get this?

What do you think? We love comments and those who share on socia. media.

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