What makes Jeff Ogden a superb Chief Marketing Officer candidate?

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I like to call resumes the “piss poor predictor of potential performance.”  Too many companies try to make decisions on resumes alone.2013-50most-badge-ogden

As one who has personally made hiring mistakes from resumes alone (He had the perfect resume. I hired him and he was a dud.) I learned this lesson the hard way.

That’s why my son Kevin helped me create this awesome and short video clip, designed to show exactly why Jeff Ogden is an ideal Chief Marketing Officer candidate.

What like is the video is short, compelling and sweet. It shares the ideal number – 3 -reasons Jeff is an ideal Chief Marketing Officer candidate.

I’m also nominated for this prestigious marketing award in 2014 too.

In addition, Salesforce believes that attitude is an important leadership skill. Check out their highly inspiring post.


To contact me, just shoot an email to jeff L ogden at gmail.com.  That is my private email address.

I look forward to hearing from you, because marketing today is more important than anything else.


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