Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is a Notre Dame grad

You can get a four year degree from any school. Only Notre Dame hands out 20 year degrees.

Great news: I don’t need neck surgery!

And the Fighting Irish are off this week.  So I’m not going to MacDinton’s South Tampa to watch my Fighting Irish with the Notre Dame Club of Tampa Bay, like I usually do. But I may go down there anyway, because I meet so many nice people there and I am definitely a people person. And as I like to say “I’m not retired. I’m divorced.”NDFootball

On Monday, I will be back as President of Find New Customers, where I help companies like yours improve marketing to deliver more Mr. Right Nows to your salespeople, so they have good prospects to close.

Marketing looks for Mr. Right. Sales looks for Mr. Right Nows. – that is the theme of the terrific new video at Find New Customers. Check it out!

We have a great new video at Find New Customers and you can set up a FREE 15 minute call there too.

There is no post on Sunday, but we return on Monday.

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