Great News for companies in Tampa/St Petersburg, Florida – the BMA is coming

The Business Marketing Association is coming to Tampa Bay soon – within weeks.

Please vote for Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers for the SLMA marketing award. You have to register for the Sales Lead Management Association, but it’s free and you vote for up to three,

Paul Dunay
Paul Dunay

This is awesome news for companies in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area because they will be able to attend local meetings with the leading marketing experts in the USA, like Paul Dunay, who’s a great speaker. on marketing topics.

Paul asked to be our first guest speaker, and he’s a dear friend of Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers, President of the Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay.

If you check out the View My Linked in Profile on the top right you will see this important new role..

Jeff got a nice email from the BMA on November 5th and they are working hard to make this happen. It is obviously going to happen within weeks,

Here’s what the BMA wrote to Jeff:

Our focus is to get the current chapters updated with new agreements for our merger with ANA.  This is taking a little longer then I thought.  Once this is done, we will be working to bring on new chapters. It is very exciting to have local leaders such as yourself that want to be part of BMA.

My goal for you and I, is for me to get a list of required items for you to work on to become an official chapter.”

This is exciting news for Jeff and for many companies in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. The Business Marketing Association can help companies a lot and we are exciting to bring them to you. And we;re excited to add two top marketing experts, Shawn Elledge and Bernie Borges to the board.  Shawn may soon be moving from Kansas City to Tampa,

With so many local Tampa Bay companies struggling with marketing and so many closed businesses – due to marketing failures, this is exciting news indeed for them.

An overview of the BMA – so you can learn more.Business Marketing Association


BMA has earned the respect and loyalty of members by following a simple, three-part strategic vision.

  1. Be the primary repository of the best in business-to-business marketing information and resources.
  2. Attract the best practitioners.
  3. Promote the best practices in the industry.

The benefits of belonging are just as straightforward. We connect members with the kind of knowledge, people and programs that make achieving their companies’ objectives more efficient and effective.

As a business marketer or communicator, your needs are distinct from those of the consumer marketing environment. Broad-brush marketing associations or trade organizations devoted to a single program category can not effectively provide the required resources. You need an association that, like you, focuses on meeting the challenges presented in business marketing, day in and day out. You need the Business Marketing Association.

BMA is the business marketer’s first line of defense in changing business marketing environments. Today, we’re even better at delivering membership benefits that make a difference to your business…today and tomorrow. From our information-packed web site to our online skills-building and marketing certification program, to papers and industry surveys, to interaction with peers, no other organization delivers the same level of commitment to the information and networking needs of business-to-business marketers.

You know what you want; education, training and professional development in business-to-business marketing. You know what you need; an organization that provides access to the kind of data, people and programs to end your search on a positive and cost-effective note. You need the Business Marketing Association.

Great news for Tampa Bay. The BMA is coming soon.


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