There’s No Difference Between Black, White or Green people

HIgh School Basketball
Indiana High School Basketball

The award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers (@fearlesscomp on Twitter. Follow me please) recently went to a park and shot basketballs with a bunch of young high school boys and girls. An ugly race argument came out that I wish to share.

One of the reason I blog is for Search Engine Optimization. WordPress says that SEO is built-in and every post says “Hey Google. Here I am,”” Hi Google. Nice to meet you.

It was nice to find basketball in Florida, because I am a Hoosier and basketball’s the state sport of Indiana. My high school gym in my small town seated 5,000 people.  That is what people do in Indiana. Go to high school games.

There’s only one state tournament in Indiana no matter the size of your school.  This is the story in the movie Hoosiers (Check out the great article by ESPN here) which is based on the win in 1954 by Milan high school in Hoosier Hysteria with a tiny enrollment of 161 kids.  They are the smallest school ever to win Hoosier Hysteria,

I used to play every Saturday morning with a bunch of guys when I lived on Long Island and that was so much fun and great exercise.  And every week it was the same set of men, so I made great friends and I miss that experience so much,

But soon the scene here in St, Petersburg, Florida turned ugly as the young women started arguing with the African American kids at the other side of the court – even using the N-word with them and these men were angry and for good reason, The N-word is one of the most hated words by African Americans and those girls were wrong to use it.

Let me share the attitude of Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers:

People are people no matter if they are white, black or green people from Mars. Let’s all stop fighting about race now. We are all members of the human race, no matter where our ancestors came from.

Stop fighting kids and realize people are people, plain and simple, no matter the color of their skin.

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