The One Question Every Person Needs to Ask Him or Her Self

If you are about to die and God gives you  one final wish, what would you wish for?

That is a question I asked of the VP of Marketing at Likeable Loca, which is a great business partner of Find New Customers!Halo

That is the question I asked, because as a former dead man, your perspective changes everything.

I asked that question last evening while walking and at a restaurant  and I got some good answers:

  1. To live one more day
  2. To go to Heaven
  3. Too stay alive

My answer to that question is very simple and a lot bigger than everyone else’s too:

Make the world a better place for EVERYONE, no matter their race, their religion. or their sexual preference.

What is your answer?  Please tell me in the comments.

This is the “halo” I wore on my head for 9 weeks without ever complaining and I never stopped smiling either That is the Importance of Attitude right there, which was a very popular article on the Salesforce blog. Check it out.

Here is my message to every motorcycle rider in Florida who considers it a God-given right to ride without a helmet.

Football players wear helmets. Kids wear helmets on bikes. Sonny Bono skied into a tree and died. I fell on my head and nearly died.

If your head hits the pavement, you are probably dead.

You have a right to ride without a helmet, but a right does not make it smart.

Buy a helmet, wear it and protect the brain, which is everyone’s supercomputer!

I lectured a man on the need for helmets down the street with a very loud motorcycle and today he has a helmet on his bike.  I may have saved that man’s life!


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