How Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers evaluates business investments

There are only two cardinal business rules to evaluate investments for Find New Customers:

  1. Is it cheap?
  2. Does it deliver a high potential return on investment?Dave-Kerpen

Only two organizations to date have measured up to these tough criteria to protect limited funds:

  1. Likeable Local – Social Media Marketing company in New Your CityI know very well.
    Likable Local offers a social media marketing  product I can white label and sell down here. These people are truly awesome. This photo is Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local,
  2. St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce
    I don’t know business leaders down here and they are the best business-oriented Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, tough criteria rules out good organizations like Vistage, which is a shame but understandable, because if offers great  value, but is very expensive, so it violates rule one.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Find New Customers!

Find New Customers wishes you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous and healthy 2015 too.

What do you think of our tough business criteria for company investments?

We love comments (not SPAM) and those who share on social media too, especially Rebecca Erikkson in Sweden, because she’s a dear friend of mine who supports me on Google Plus  and she is one beautiful woman too.

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