Do I miss my ex-wife and kids? You bet I do.

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers has a Volkswagon Passat that today looks better than ever, because I need a good and reliable car especially to execute our new partnership with Likeable Localin New York City.

Dave Kerpen
Dave Kerpen of Likeable Local

Fortunantly   that Passat has a kick-ass stereo , and I love music

But when a song like Sister Golden Hair by America comes on. the tears start streaming down my cheeks.

I took my ex-wife Kathy to see America at a club in New York City and we had so much fun there.

In addition, Kathy and her wonderful family stood by me when I was nearly dead, which means a lot.

I will always love Kathy and our boys, but we are divorced and it’s time to move on.

I have, but my boys are coming down in January too, and that makes this Dad very happy.

However, I am also excited about the bright future of Find New Customers thanks to this new strategic partnership coming soon, Find New Customers is going to lead the medical industry for them and Dave is training me on Monday and we already have a Likeable Local portal.

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One thought on “Do I miss my ex-wife and kids? You bet I do.

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Glad you are okay. Sorry to hear you are divorced. Congratulations on your new business venture. I think I covered all the bases. Hope 2015 is a better year. Take care.

    Alison D. Gilbert, Blogger

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