Thank You New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

Jeff Ogden President of Find New Customers now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, but his Passat which is running great, was stuck in New York State with New York plates and a New Your Drivers license. This is not legal in Florida, so I needed to fix it, especially because of Find New Customers business partner, Likeable Local, social media software to make you more successful.

Can’t sell great software like Likeable Local without a good reliable and legal car.

Looking for Leads

Today I went to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles to get Florida plates and a Florida drivers license. I got the Florida Drivers License but not the plates.

I was missing two things for new plates:

  1. Insurance cad from GEICO for the state of Florida (Mine was New York State)
  2. The official Title of the Passat which was lost.

The first one was easy,  A quick call to GEICO and the new insurance card was faxed over to the DMV. One problem was solved.

Update: The missing title has been found.  My ex-wife Kathy had it and she is sending it to me.  Thank you so much.

Number 2 was much harder and it was real detective work, because I had no idea how to replace a missing title.

I spoke with Volkswagon Credit who offered to send me a Lien Release Statement,.  I got the drivers license, but Florida wanted a title and I could not find it.

Another call to VW Credit revealed who had the title – it was the DMV of New York State, where the vehicle was purchased.

I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with DMV in New York State, but if you don’t go early when they open, you are dead. They are incredibly busy all day.

This DMV strongly urges you to use the website for faster service.  And they have a page for getting a copy of the title.  But it didn’t work, the info was not found – no matter if I used my computer or my iPad Air.

Was the problem the VIN, numbe,, the zip code or the VW info.

I got in touch with support and he told me to use VOLK on the form instead of VW.  I did, but it still didn’t work/

Then I got another email.  Oops, it is VOLKS and not VOLK.  Sorry Jeff.

It worked and a replacement title is on its way to me right now.  Thank you New York Department of Motor Vehicles!

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