The Changes I want to see in the Catholic Church

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers, the nicest company in BtoB marketing today, is a Notre Dame grad and life-long Catholic, but he read an article which disturbed him a lot, which I wish to share with the many readers of this blog.

In reading the Wall Street Jounal as he does every day, he read about Priestarguments in the Church about divorced and gay Catholics. Some want to change the rules and many do not.

Please not that the priest in this picture had to quit the church because he fathered a child.  Does that make him a bad priest? No, it does not.

I’m not gay, but I’m divorced and I read that the Church wants a divorced man like me to annul my marriage of 25 years if I ever remarry or become a Godfather, which is to say it never happened.

My reaction to that is simple.  Go to Hell!

If I was married for 2 years, an annulment is fine.  But 25 years and three kids – NO!  That is off the table.

I would change religions before doing an annulment with a marriage of a quarter century, with a woman I had so many wonderful years with her.

That said, this Note Dame grad and lifelong Catholic believes there  are some long overdue changes in the Catholic Church and I hope this blog post helps bring some change.

If it were up to me, here are the three changes I would make immediately:

  1. Let priests marry
    Priest can be married today, if they are married BEFORE they become priests. But if they are priests first, they cannot.  Priests are human beings like all of us, which is why so many children get abused.
  2. Ordain women as priests
    Women are in combat and they are CEO’s. Why can’t they be priests?
  3. Let priests have families
    If priest can marry, they can become fathers as well as Fathers. The priest in the photo here would still be a priest.

What do you think of my three changes in the Catholic Church?  Please tell me in the comments and Go Irish!

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