Why does Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers blog so often?

The answers are simple as to why the blog of Find New Customers  publishes six days a week

Here are my 3 Reasons for you.:

  1. Search engine marketing
    Built in in WordPress.com, so every post is saying “Hello SEOGoogle. Here I am.” Hi Google!
  2. Readers
    Many people read this blog – that I never want to let them down. I appreciate the support very much.
  3. Fun
    It’s fun to write a blog and entertain so many people each day, especially during this holiday season.

I also have to thank my former employer Best Buy because I no longer have to use that quirky Acer laptop with a messed up keyboard that kept messing up my blog post punctuation.

I now have a blazing fast Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop, which I absolutely love. You just look at it and it says “Hi Jeff.” You don’t even have to log in.  It is one very fast computer.

Since I once worked in the computer department at Best Buy in Westbury,NY before my nasty fall, I knew exactly what computer I wanted. People in the store used to tease me about my respect for Lenovo and now I have Levono’s best laptop, which seems the right thing to buy.

Best Buy Geek Squad even fixed my email on this new computer. which was nice to get done. Thank you Best Buy!

Using cloud storage like Box.com was also smart too, because all of my Find New Customers information, stored in Box.com on the Acer computer, were quickly moved to the new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, and was no problem at all.

My recommendation to you is this:

Keep all of your important documents in cloud storage like Box.com and they will never be lost.  Cloud storage is important for critical documents Thank you, Box.com..

What do you think?  We love comments (Not SPAM please) and those who share on social media too.

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