What I Really Wanted for Christmas

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers had the pleasure of spending Christmas with family and talking to his brothers too, which is the way Christmas should be spent – with family.Christmas

We also exchanged Christmas gifts, as is a Christmas tradition and I talked to my three sons and ex-wife too. which was very nice.  It seems the present they sent me is misplaced, but it will arrive in a few days, which is fine.

However, I did get the Christmas present I really wanted and it is not a Red Ryder BB gun, in the classic Christmas movie “A Christmas Story.” (Watched that movie too,)

I’m a divorced single man who was in a terrible accident in 2014 and very nearly died, so this Christmas I am simply glad to be alive and I miss my family so much.

What I wanted for Christmas was to become a Dad again for my three sons, and that is what is happening in early January, which makes this dad very happy.

I got what I really wanted for Christmas and I hope you did too!

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