Find New Customers ends 2014, ready to crank up 2015

As the year 2014 comes to an end, we look back on all the remarkable accomplishments of Find New Customers, led by the award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden.Success

Visit our company website Find New Customers to set up your free 15 minute call with this award-winning marketing expert.

The transformation of Find New Customers started by coming up with 2 cardinal business rules and making them your company Bible.

To get me to spend limited company money, I needed two things:

  1. Relatively inexpensive
  2. Offering lots of value potential

Only two organizations measured up and I needed one more thing to deliver results – a good and reliable car, but I was driving an old 2003 Passat with an oil leak, clouded headlights, scuffed body and windows, and a broken hood release. It also had New York plates and I had a New York drivers license, which were not a good fit for my new home in Florida.

3 Great 2014 Accomplishments by Find New Customers

  1. Partnered with Likeable Local, so we have a great product to offer in Florida to the massive medial industry down here. “Social Media Marketing software to make your business more Likeable,”
  2. Signed up with the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce to meet more local business leaders.As business coach Barry Foster said to me “Jeff, you will no longer be the invisible man.” Thanks, Barry. I know people everywhere thanks to Marketing Made Simple TV, but I do not know local business leaders.
  3. Turned my 2003 Passat into a new car designed to last me for two more years with Florida plates and a Florida drivers license.It cost a lot but was worth every penny because it looks and runs like a brand new car now. I passed the Florida eye test, which is a nice accomplishment for a man of my age (55), so I don’t need glasses or contacts.

With these great accomplishments in 2014, we are ready to crank up the business after the holidays, As i laid in the hospital bed, I thought “Why are you looking for a top marketing job which never works? Take control of your own destiny and grow your own business!” That is a great way of taking charge of your own destiny.

Paul Dunay
Paul Dunay

I am also the President of the Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay, just for 2015 because the founder can only lead it for one year. The BMA is now part of the ANA, so 2015 should be a very exciting year for them too.  The marketing expert Paul Dunay is our first guest speaker too, as he a personal friend of mine.

My new Lenovo Yoga 2 was at Best Buy getting Outlook 2013 working (I called Go Daddy Support and found the answer) and I finally gave up on Best Buy and fixed it myself in five minutes. Sorry, Best Buy.

My brother told me “If you know the answer, why did you give it to Best Buy?”  He was right and Outlook 2013 works just fine now.

My car and laptop are more than ready to go in 2015, as we work our butts off to crank up Find New Customers with our new business partners of Likeable Local and the St, Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, which matches my plan to crank up the business.

Based on these great accomplishments late in 2014,

Find New Customers is ready for a BIG year in 2015 and I certainly hope you are too, The economy is finally doing well and the cost of gas is falling, so let’s make 2015 the best year ever! The new year is a new opportunity for everyone.

Adios to 2014

Good riddance to 2014 when I nearly died from a nasty fall and a long hospital stay starting on April 1, 2014. when I fell at Best Buy in Westbury, NY. I got so many prayers and wonderful get-well cards too.  Dr. Delgado told me “No one recovers from the kind of fall you had, but you did. You are truly a medical miracle.”

The photo here is the halo I wore for 9 weeks, without ever complaining or stopping smiling, despite the fact that I could not take a shower or put my head on a pillow.

To learn about how I became a medical miracle, read “The Importance of Attitude” from the blog.Halo

I hope to turn that awful experience into something positive in 2015, such as becoming a motivational or keynote speaker. That link takes you to my keynote speaking page, which will be vastly better soon,

Happy New Year from Find New Customers and welcome to all our new readers of this blog in 2014 too!

What do you think of this post and what are your plans for 2015?  We love comments (No SPAM please) and those who share on social media. especially my good friend Rebecca from Sweden, who supports me on Google Plus so well.

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