A few Saturday facts about Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers

The weekend is here and we do post on Saturday (but not on Sunday), so we just want to share some facts you may not know about Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers, the nicest company in BtoB marketing on Earth.

Jeff was born and raised in a small town in Southern Indiana named Madison. Madison is right on the Ohio River between Louisville and Cincinnati and it is named after President Madison.

Madison is also the only town in America that owns a race-boat.  It used to be the Miss Madison, but now it is the Oh Boy Oberto, and it has won a lot of races (see image).Oh Boy Oberto

Basketball is big in Indiana and Jeff’s high school seated over 5,000 seats in a town of just 13,000.

Jeff played wide receiver for the Madison Cubs, but we were not a very good team and we lost most of our games.

I worked in a seed and feed store for my great uncle who was a 1925 graduate of the University of Notre Dame. When he was there (he has passed away) Knute Rockne was head coach.  He took me to a Notre Dame game and I fell in love with the school.

When I finally graduated from high school, I had to pick a college. I did have very good grades and a high SAT score, so I applied to the University of Notre Dame.  I got an acceptance letter!  Wow!

My mom said “We can’t afford Notre Dame” but I was a determined kid and I went anyway.

My parents dropped me off and I went to the elevator. The door opened and a massive man in a bathrobe was in the elevator. I could see his massive calves and my jaw dropped. I had never seen a big football player before. (It was Bob Golic, who played nose tackle for the Cleveland Brown for years.)

After I was graduated from the University of Notre Dame, I went to work for the Caterpillar Tractor Company.  I was in a training class to manage dealers, but they had some bad times and they laid off the entire class. The CEO of Caterpiller created a book of resumes and sent it to businesses.

I was still getting paid and my brother lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, so he suggested I move there and I did.   I lived in Brooklyn and we had a great time there.

I got a job with Unisys fin New York City, but I got transferred and I moved out to Long Island. One day a pretty girl came into the office and she knew one of my co-workers. I asked her out and 9 months later we were engaged to be married.  Ironically, my boss at Unisys was Robert Greifeld, who has been CEO of the NASDAQ stock market for years.

My wife and I had three boys together and we had some great years too.  I still love Kathy with all my heart because she is a very nice woman. When I took my nasty fall and nearly died, Kathy and her mom stayed with me in the hospital, which means a lot.Halo

Eventually we drifted apart and we were divorced and then I moved down to sunny Florida and I now live in St, Peterburg, FL.

Find New Customers was started in February 2009 and it is still in business today.

What do you think? We love comments and those who share on social media too.

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