Top 10 Reasons NOT to talk to Find New Customers

The B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers is not for everyone.

This is the story of Jeffrey L. Ogden, and not the former NFL kick returner of the same name. It’s hard to rank your name when you share it like that.

Top TenWe tried to think up some reasons why it’s not for you. (And Jeffrey L Ogden wanted to have some fun with it too. Thank you, David Letterman!)

This post originally came out in 2011, but it was so popular that we want to bring it back again.

Here are 10 reasons why you don’t need to talk to us. These are our cute answers below.

10. Prospective customers are beating down your doors to buy your company offerings.

9. Your salespeople are saying “Enough already. We can’t handle any more business. Stop give us leads!.”

8. Management just dramatically lowered your sales quota and you are done for the year.

7. Your products are so good, they sell themselves. (If you believe this one, it’s totally BS)

6. Your computer crashed and you lost everything

5. Your CEO just gave you the year off | “Mission Accomplished”

4. Your Chief Marketing Officer said “Don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered.”

3. Your phones died (Damn those smartphone batteries.)

2. You made your yearly nut already and booked a cruise with your wife or husband.

  1. You’re tied up, bound and gagged – so you can’t send an email or talk on the phone.

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The fun guy Jeff Ogden is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. Find New Customers helps companies not experiencing these 10 reasons to rapidly grow revenue by transforming how they attract, engage and win new customers.

Contact Find New Customers by calling (516) 456-8218 or by emailing jeff.ogden at You can also visit our homepage to set up a free 15 minute call using the form below.

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