Try this with $5 by Seth Godin

What to Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn) is a great book by Seth Godin that was a gift from Likeable Local, the business partner of Find New Customers, the most likeable company in B2B lead generation.

Thank you so much @davekerpen and the Likeable Local team! They are great partners and they keep improving the product!

It's Your turn

Loved this page on page 60 titled:

Try this with $5 (and I want to share it with you.)

“It might just teach you something about what “No” means.

Go to the bus station and walk up to the first person you meet. Say to him, with as much confidence and trustworthiness you can muster “would you like to buy this five-dollar bill? I’m selling it for a dollar.”

The odds are he will walk away without buying anything. In fact, he will probably avoid eye contact and walk away rather rather quickly.

How rude!

Doesn’t he know you are offering him a five-dollar bill for a dollar?

Of course people will not buy a five-dollar bill from a stranger at the bus station. It’s the first rule of the bus station: don’t buy something that feels like a scam.  The second rule is don’t talk to strangers.

The story got there before you did.

Do you understand that the “no” you heard wasn’t someone rejecting you, or even rejecting your new project after carefully and completely reviewing it?

It was the “no” of someone examining your story (as heard) and comparing it to their worldview.

You never had a chance.”

Seth Godin is a great writer, isn’t he? What do you think about what Seth wrote here?

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3 thoughts on “Try this with $5 by Seth Godin

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