BrandYourself is rocking now!

I’ve been using for years to ensure my name, which is now Jeffrey L. Ogden, ranks high in Google.Jeffrey L. Ogden

Two weeks ago I got a call from Tom at BrandYourself and his advice was this “Stop competing with the former NFL player Jeff Ogden and start using Jeffrey L. Ogden, your full name.

I took his Tom’s advice and started using Jeffrey L. Ogden everywhere. For weeks, nothing happened at all.  Google search takes time..

Turns out that Tom was exactly right and we’re rocking now!

Jeffrey L. Ogden now gets at A+ search ranking in now and Jeffrey L. Ogden owns the top 10 places on Google. Holy crap!

Want to see it for yourself? Just do a Google Search on “Jeffrey L. Ogden.” (Please don’t search on “Jeff Ogden” who returned kicks for the Dallas Cowboys.)

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