Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Find New Customers!

The most likeable company in marketing Find New Customers, wishes you and yours a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!Jeffrey L. Ogden

(We call ourselves Likeable because Find New Customers is partnered with Likeable Local, which is Social Media Marketing Software to make YOU more Successful.)

They keep making their product better and better and I did a great webinar with them yesterday. (Despite our slow connection.) @davekerpen does write for Inc, which is very impressive. Got a lot of great books from them too. Their CEO @davekerpen writes for Inc, which is impressive.

As they said yesterday on the webinar I attended, social media marketing is a LOT less expensive than advertising on buses or cable TV and they’re right, so if your company is advertising on buses or TV, maybe we should talk.

As you can see below, social media advertising is a much less expensive way to reach a lot of people, and Facebook is the cheapest and best for all.

Here are some shocking statistics:

1,000 people costs 28 times more on Cable TV than Facebook.  Or by spending the same amount, you can reach 2,800% more people using Facebook than Cable TV. I’ve even advertised Find New Customers on Facebook and it is a great deal and not very expensive at all.

Here’s the cost to advertise to 1,000 people for different media sites which I found on the Likeable Local Pinterest page.

  1. Newspaper     $32.00
  2. Magazine        $20.00
  3. Radio               $  8.00
  4. Cable TV          $  7.00
  5. Google Ads     $  2.75
  6. Linkedin Ads   $  0.75
  7. Facebook Ads  $ 0.25

Facebook Ads are 128 times more cost effective than Newspapers, 80 times more cost effective than Magazines, 32 times more cost effective than Radio and 28 times more cost effective than Cable TV. Facebook Boosting is included with Likeable Local.

Shoot an email to jeff.ogden at findnewcustomers.com to learn more about how you can do more cost-effective advertising.

“Every year on March 17, the Irish and the Irish-at-heart across the globe observe St. Patrick’s Day. What began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green.” according to History.com.

Since we’re now located in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, I want to share a great tradition here – the river of green in Tampa (see images below).

This is the Sunshine State after all and the weather is great down here and I’m glad to be down here as well  Thankfully Boston is no longer buried by snow as I saw on the news every day. Same for my ex-wife and kids on Long Island, NY where they had a lot of snow.

Jeffrey L. Ogde2011 Notre Dame Mascotn, President of Find New Customers is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, so St. Patrick’s Day is special for a Fighting Irish grad like me and I hope it is for you as well.

I also just heard that the Women’s Basketball NCAA Tournament is in Tampa, which is cool news for a Notre Dame grad because the Notre Dame women’s team is very good. (The men’s team is

I’m also known as the Fearless Competitor, so I’m @fearlesscomp on Twitter if you would like to follow me like over 6,500 people do now, thanks to Marketing Made Simple TV, the show I used to host.

Go Irish in the NCAA tournament and best wishes to the Notre Dame family and my brothers as well. Thank you Doctor David Tulsiak for driving me home from Buffalo Wild Wings recently when I had a bit too much to drink after we watched Notre Dame beat Duke and I got sick and vomited. David’s an ND grad like me and he’s a dear friend of mine.

SCUBA and smoking

Speaking of water, I’m a NAUI trained SCUBA diver, so I want to get back into that eventually, especially here in the Sunshine State.

I don’t smoke at all – because my father died of lung cancer at age 51, so anything that stops smokers is good news in my book – like Tobacco Free Florida.

Note that April 1st, is the one year anniversary of my nasty fall and near death experience. (My mom kept a log which is scary to read.)

But an awesome blog at Salesforce.com came from that The Importance of Attitude and it has been shared on Twitter over 100 times, so please check it out.

Please note that Amanda Nelson who used to be at Salesforce.com is now at RingLead.com and my guest post on marketing will publish on March 23rd there. Thanks Amanda!

My story was also written up in my class year(1982) in Notre Dame magazine Winter 2014-2015.  “You are a testament that a positive attitude pays off. You are an inspiration to us all. Jeff, you rock.” Thank you for those kind words as the one year anniversary of my nasty fall comes in a couple of weeks.

With all the pharma ads on TV, I’m lucky not to be on any medication at all, but I do have a visit to a doctor this week, hopefully with my mother. This is directly related to my nasty fall last year. I also don’t need to lose weight at all. I need to gain weight.

My iPhone is on Verizon Wireless (paid in full) and my Passat is freshly painted and the windows are tinted, so I don’t need a new car – hopefully for some time, which was clearly my goal in investing in the car.

Every day I am happy to be alive and the father of three wonderful boys whose photo is on our refrigerator, so I see my boys every morning when I read the Wall St. Journal and the New York Times on my iPad every morning, which I have been reading for years since I was married with my wife on Long Island. (Still love Kathy and I’m never getting an annulment from the Catholic Church.)

Read this morning in the Wall St. Journal that the Ohio River is flooding and I grew up in Madison, Indiana right on the Ohio River.  Apple is also getting into the TV business, which is a challenge to Netflix, which is on my iPad.

(Here I am with my three boys at a hotel at the beach.) The eldest is Matt and he graduates frpm the University of Delaware on May 30th and I am his Dad, so I’ll be there.Jeff's_boys_in_FL_1-10-15_(11) - Copy

Hope you and your families have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day from Find New Customers and our friends at Likeable Local in New York City too!

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Tampa River of Greeen