Nice to connect with our client Mintigo

Mintigo is a client of Find New Customers and they hired us to publish their content and we finally got moving on that yesterday.mintigo-text

Got their new post and they wanted me to publish it, like we did with the other two posts and went right to work on that..

We cannot move on to more paid projects till we get this aricle  published, so I was happy to get started on this project, so we can move on to new projects for Mintigo..

In fact, they gave me a list of 10 sites where they would like to get published, and already got in touch with three of thoss sites.

Thank God for my world class network that was built for many years. People connect with me on LinkedIn all the time and you can too.

Welcome every LinkIn connection, like Amanda Nelson of my contact who shared this guest post I wrote for her.

In addition to reconnecting with a valued client, the Fighting Irish made the Elite Eight for the first time since I was a senior in high school in 1978. Wow!

The Notre Dame family is happy and excited now.  Even my son Matt was excited as was my good friend Doctor David Tulsiak, who’s a Notre Dame grad like me. Ugh – Kentucky won big.

My appointment with my Mom on April 9th is confirmed and I’m expecting some important mail soon based on a conference call done earlier this week.

Reconnecting with an important client of Find New Customers was a nice thing to get done yesterday and I was thrilled to reconnect with Mintigo. yesterday.

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