We could all learn a lot from Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a great blogger who writes great articles like: 6 Simple Tips to Grow a Large Email List Read more at http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/05/26/6-simple-tips-to-grow-a-large-email-list/#e2Mjwy1AEzXUi3XC.99 He’s a top blogger and I’m a big fan of Jeff.  You can learn a lot there too. Blogs are a good way to share things like other top bloggers. Smoking… Read More

How to get start with Marketing – Step 1 – Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas help you create better marketing content, plain and simple. Adele Revella of The Buyer Persona Institute and Tony Zambido are the top experts in buyer personas. Suggest you visit their websites to learn more about Buyer Personas. Thanks to Box.com, Find New Customers still has all the great content from the Buyer Persona… Read More

How Jeffrey L. Ogden rose from the dead

Let me tell you a story of something that happened exactly one year ago today. What a difference a year makes because it’s sunny and warm here in St. Petersburg today. This is the day Jeffrey L. Ogden of Find New Customers nearly died and months and months were lost 12 months ago. My Mom kept… Read More