Things I miss every single day

Jeffrey L. Ogden
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Here are some things I miss every day.

What are people’s first impression of you? (Quiz) That should be a fun quiz for you.

Deeply sorry that my business site is not working and my email is broken.  Hope it is fixed soon!

Jeffrey L. Ogden (@fearlesscomp on Twitter, if you want to follow me like so many do) of Find New Customers, which I like to call the “most likeable company in marketing today”, thanks to our partnership with Likeable Local – misses a lot of things every day when he goes for a walk in the local park near me every day which is filled with birds and sports. Ironically, when I was walking this week, one of the kids from the local school said “Hey, there’s Jeff Ogden.”  That was quite an honor to hear from those nice kids.  I guess all that time walking and meeting people is paying off.

  • Umpiring – There’s a baseball game there in the park all the time and I was an umpire for Bethpage Baseball on Long Island before I moved down here.Would love to get back into umpiring down here in St. Petersburg where the weather’s beautiful every day.  Would love to hear from anyone in umpiring down here. Shoot an email to jeff dot ogden at if you are interested.
  • Happy to announce that Find New Customers is now on Google Maps and Bing Maps.  Just search for Find New Customers on your favorite mapping software to find this company.  But our website is not working and we hope to get that fixed soon.
  • SCUBA diving – When on Long Island, became a NAUI certified SCUBA diver, which stands for “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.” When the weather gets warmer down here in St. Pete, it’s definitely on my To Do list, especially since it is really warm this week.
  • My 3 boys Matt, Kevin and Tim – their photo’s on the fridge and I touch it every single morning when I have breakfast. (see photo of me and the kids during their visit.)
    Jeff's_boys_in_FL_1-10-15_(11) - Copy
    Matt graduates from the University of Delaware at the end of May and his Dad will be there.

Got some things done this week.
1. Lost my paper itinerary for his graduation, so  I downloaded the JetBlue app on my iPhone – my JetBlue itinerary is electronic now.

2. Got the important legal paperwork I was waiting for yesterday regarding my injury and made lots of calls and filled it out-  working most of the day and took it to the Post Office to mail it back. Should see results in a few weeks.

  • Must be pretty conservative because I start every morning reading the Wall St. Journal on my iPad 2 – like I used to do back when I was married and I like to watch FoxNews as well, which is the most conservative TV network.
  • News came too late to save my friend.My best friend at Notre Dame was John Ingallinera who died of brain cancer when he was married to Jennifer Ingallinera.  Brain cancer may be cured today,  but it’s too late for John. So sorry John.
  • FoxNews just said gas prices are going down but not quickly. Oh well.
  • Happy for everyone who takes diets like Nutrisystems because the TV is filled with diet plans for people who want to lose weight. I hope they lose that weight, but i don’t need a diet plan, thank goodness.
  • Finally, I’m happy to live in St. Petersburg – where the weather’s beautiful almost every day.  It’s a very cool town that had a great road race over the weekend.  I’m also a Notre Dame grad and the NCAA women’s tournament is in Tampa, which is pretty cool. Go Irish! Hope the Notre Dame women’s team wins it all!

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