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6 Simple Tips to Grow a Large Email List

Read more at http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/05/26/6-simple-tips-to-grow-a-large-email-list/#e2Mjwy1AEzXUi3XC.99

He’s a top blogger and I’m a big fan of Jeff.  You can learn a lot there too.

Blogs are a good way to share things like other top bloggers.


Don’t smoke at all because my father died of lung cancer, so I don’t need the product Chatix, but I hope others quit smoking and anything people do to help quit smoking is a good thing for everyone.


Aaron Hernandez sentenced to life without parole in prison yesterday. This former NFL star will spend the rest of his life in prison. Guilty of double homicide. Good to see a murderer sent to prison, even if you once were a famous football player. This is a society problem and not an NFL problem.

Thankfully I’m a Notre Dame grad and lots of NFL players have come from there. I have a signed Joe Montana photo on my desk. It is old but a true classic. Joe Montana is in the NFL Hall of Fame now.

One Boston Day – 3 people and a cop died in Boston one year ago at 2:49 pm, so we all need to take a moment of silence to remember them.

Abraham Lincoln died at Ford’s Theater 150 years ago yesterday. He was our greatest poet President and there was a great celebration for him on NBCNews. Very touching to watch.

San Diego Padres have a pitcher they kept for life according to NBCnews. Great and touching story.

Live right next to Christopher Morley park in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I’ve walked there many times and met so many people.

Yesterday I  learned that the swimming pool there opens in 2 weeks. Yippee!

It’s really hot here in St. Petersburg, Florida, so a dip on the pool sounds great.


April 3rd, 1974 our ranch house in Madison, Indiana was destroyed by an EF4 tornado (166 to 200 MPH winds) according to Wikipedia.

The walls in my parent’s bedroom fell in and the pickup truck in the driveway rolled and the driver’s side door was driven in by the roof, so I feel very sorry for any tornado victims, because of my first hand experience with a severe one. (I was a young boy staying home sick from school.)

Despite my nasty fall last year, my long term memory works just fine.  In fact, when my taxes were being done, they ask for my ex-wife’s social security number and I gave it to them.

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