i’m a registered Republican in Florida

My taxes for 2013 and 2014 are paid – so I’m officially a single man in Florida now with the IRS.

Thanks to my Mom and the volunteers who did the taxes. Thank you.

(Still waiting for a refund check to come in the mail.) Perhaps this week I hope.

I live in Pinellas County by the way and there are many events in this county, which I hope to attend someday.

I’m also a registered Republican voter here as well for the first time ever and I got a letter from Deborah Clark, who is the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections yesterday and I applied to be a Poll Worker.

I actually chipped in a few bucks for Marco Rubio who is running for President. He’s from Cub just like the driver Alberto who drives me to the doctor.

Buenos Dias Marco! I’m studying Spanish as much as I can.

That is the first time I ever gave money to presidential candidate.

Watch NBCNews every night and they did a very touching story on the Oklahoma City disaster. OMG!  There were many things to remember in the disasterou month of April. Plane crashes, Gulf Oil Spill.in 2010 which is still affecting Florida with tarballs on the beach and the Boston Marathon and more.

I also live next to a park called Walter Fuller where I walk every day and I learned that the pool opens on May 23rd this week. I’ll finally be able to use my swimsuit next month.

Anything I can do to help is good, because I’ve been reading the Wall St. Journal every morning on my iPad for many years and I’m a Republican my entire life.

I’m a Notre Dame graduate with a marketing degree and will be one my entire life. Go Irish!

Roomed with Mike Shepardson who runs Paca Foods in Tampa and Feisal Nanji and Mike McManus. And we keep in touch.

Considering this April is the anniversary of my nasty fall and I have no memory whatsoever of last April.

Each and every day I am glad to be alive and the father of three wonderful boys I love with my entire heart – Matthew, Kevin and Tim – and their picture is on the refrigerator and I touch it every morning when I eat breakfast.

Publix is the grocery here and they did a nice job for charity by painting schools, which was refreshing.

My iPad also turns into a nice TV when I use Netflix to watch TV – without commercials.

What do you think? Love comments and those who share on social media.