Good-bye to Father Hesburgh

I’m a Notre Dame grad and Father Hesburgh was the President of the Notre Dame during my years there.

He died at age 97, which deeply saddened me.

His funeral at Sacred Hearth Church was attended by so many famous people, like Jimmy and Rosyln Carter and Condalezza Rice, who’s a Notre Dame grad like me.

All Notre Dame grads want to celebrate the life of this great man.  My good friend Doctor David Tulsiak who drove me home after watching a Notre Dame basketball game undoubtedly shares my thoughts here.

My roommates of Mike Shepardson who owns Paca Foods in Tampa, as well as Mike McManus and Feisal Nanji who wrote a book and won the Ching Ching tournament still keep in touch with me which is a great honor. Congrats to Feisal on his new book, Made In Kenya, which I want to read.

This video by the University has been viewed almost 13,000 times, so let me share it with you.

Go Irish!2011 Notre Dame Mascot