The Best Show on Television in my opinion

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The Best Show on Television

60Minutes is the most engaging show on television and it’s classic “Must Watch” TV every Sunday evening for me.

It is about stories and not news.

Great story about Apple just before Christmas 2015. A very secretive company.

What do you think? Do you watch 60 Minutes?

I’d love to hear what my readers think? Do you like 60 Minutes?  Please tell me in the comments.

Great Losses in the music industry

Went to Mass yesterday and said a special prayer for the late blues guitarist BB King who died recently, which was a great loss for everyone who loves music.  All of his guitars were named “Lucille.”  and his great life was an amazing story that has been all over the news.

RIP dear BB King., the “blues boy.” I love the blues and it is sad to lose a great guitarist who inspired Jimmy Hendrix and the Rolling Stones and who played with Eric Clapton,  The “Thrill is Gone” indeed, but great memories live on.

John Legend won an award for the song “All of Me.” and I had the great pleasure of seeing him play live at a CMO Club meeting in New York City when I lived there.  Congratulations John Legend!

NBC is also doing a Red Nose event for world hunger this week and I am 100% supportive of the great cause.

I did write this on my Lenovo laptop which does have an I7 processor and the keyboard is lit up, which I figured out without my son’s help. Yes, I was once a guest on Hubspot TV.