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This is the great book a speaker sent to me (She was recommended by my friend David Meerman Scott) and it helps business people get noticed in a noisy world.  Ironically, I was a keynote speaker before my nasty fall, so I respect the ways top speaker use.

She gave permission to share it – with her resource box, which I did.  Thought it might be helpful for readers of this blog.

The first step in learning to attract clients, is to learn what NOT to do.

The Advice

As promised, here are the 3D’s of Speaking in Public, the 3D’s of giving a speech, presentation or just a 30 second infomercial at your local business networking meeting.

3 D’s of speaking in public?

  1. Don’t Bore Them.
  2. Don’t Bore Them.
  3. For G-d’s Sake, Don’t Bore Them!!

Business doesn’t have to be boring. You can’t bore people into buying.

Ever been to a Business Networking Event at your local Chamber of Commerce? They don’t call them the “Bored of Trade” for nothing.

Sometimes I find myself at one of these meetings, stuck between an accountant in a blue suit and a financial planner in a grey suit and I’m thinking, if one of them drops a little scrambled egg on his lapel, at least it’d add a touch of colour!

How do you make sure you’re not one of them?

Be careful what words you use.

Don’t be using words like…

*             Technology

*             Solutions

*             Advanced,

*             deliverables,

*             value added,

*             “best customer service”

*             module,

*             HR

*             IT

*             communications

*             integrated

*             corporate

*             systems

*             soft skills

*             “We service small to medium sized businesses”

*             “For all your blah blah blah needs”


*             Colourless

*             Meaningless Filler

*             We don’t know what you mean

*             We don’t believe you anyway

*             Can’t see them!!

*             No flavour

*             No story

So, Tip #2, Lose the “Corporate Speak”!


We’ll talk more about how to do this next time in Tip #3.

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What do you think?  Love to read your comments and I look forward to reading this book.