2016 is the year to improve marketing

I believe marketing needs to dramatically improve this year.  Forget blasting emails and using ads.  Time to get smarter, I believe.

Aberdeen found that almost 3/4 of the purchase is over when your salesperson meets them around Christmas.  That means customers are in power today.

Here are three things marketers need to do:

  1. Know customers including terminology.
    How was a project born?  How did the business need get clarified?  How was it translated into products?
  2. Measure results.
    Laura Patterson is the top expert in marketing measurements and I highly recommend her here.
  3. Stop selling and be helpful.
    Simply saying “Happy New Year” and selling nothing has worked great for me.  Most respond.  Insurance agents used to hand out calendars with their company info.  Who does not need a calendar? Good ideas.  Be helpful.  Sell less.

There are WAY too many car commercials on TV today.  Do they sell any cars?  Seems to me that car companies are addicted to TV ads.

How would I buy a new car?

I would go online and research cars based on my personal needs.

  1. Do I need to accommodate a family?
  2. Do I have a new job situation like a high paying job?
  3. Is my family growing, new babies coming, etc.?

Minivan, sports car, or short term lease would result.

What brands get good reviews and are reliable?  Get a short list and then start visiting dealers.

2016 is time to improve marketing, plain and simple.  Yes, I do know a bit about marketing.

Thoughts?  Love your comments.  Leave one for me please.