Do car commercials sell cars?

There are hundreds of car commercials every day!

Do they sell any cars?

I really doubt it, but car companies are addicted to ads.

I believe lots of factors go into car buying decisions, such as:

  1. A new high paying job
  2. Loss of a high paying job
  3. Expanding family
  4. Other expenses

That leads to sports cars, fixing up old cars, large vehicle purchase and postponing of choices.

As someone once said to me “Who in the world gives a car as a Christmas present?”  That was a great quote from a lady at the Notre Dame game watch with me.

A study by Aberdeen last month found that 3/4 of decisions were over when your salesperson meets the prospect. Translated I believe it means we live with empowered buyers.

Don’t know about you, but I would do a lot of online research on reliability and other key factors on the type of car I need.

I believe that there is a great opportunity for car dealers and manufacturers to get creative and innovative.  Think Apple and Starbucks.  They rarely if ever advertise.

What do you think?  Love your comments and reading them.