The Need to Focus on the Buyer

The world is changing fast.  New technology comes all the time.  For instance, smart robots and the new iPhone has a professional class camera. People are trying to grow their businesses and are looking for people to help them be successful.  Are your salespeople prepared for that? I’ve seen great articles by sales leaders like… Read More

Our Life in a Digital World

Seth Godin had a great post on the Art of Digital Marketing about the amazing things you can do with computers and artificial intelligence. I loved that article and hope you like it too.  It is also good for the world as IBM makes a donation to Seth’s charity. But he also shares that Marketing… Read More

The Art of Digital Marketing

Loved the post on Digital Marketing that Seth Godin wrote for IBM entitled the Art of Digital Marketing.  IBM donates to Seth’s charity, which is a touching event. He shared the awesome power of computers and artificial intelligence.  They help us compete on Jeopardy for instance and our phones get smarter and smarter.  We design… Read More

Love this Seth Godin post for IBM

In it he shares the digital power of computers and all they make possible in the world.  But all in all, marketing is about telling great stories. Hope you like it.  IBM pays a charity for these. The Art of Digital Marketing by Seth Godin. What do you think?  We love good marketing and appreciate… Read More