The Week Has begun

It is Monday.  Let’s go to work.

I was contacted about using my expertise in sales and marketing to answer questions for a show.  I learned when I created an online marketing show that people like to demonstrate their expertise and I interviewed many famous people.  My moral from that show is this “Just ask.”

One missed business opportunity was not turning my online show into a TV show on CNBC or NBC.

My fixed up 2003 Passat is all fixed up and looks and runs like a 2013 car.  It was my big Florida project because while I am in good shape financially, I did not want the cost of a new car.

But it’s at my brother’s house in Atlanta, because I don’t need a car here at Neuro Scientific.  My nephew is using it.  It does need a new catalytic converter to pass inspection.

My alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, lost on Saturday night.   NFL games are fun to watch, but like when ND played Navy and the ND players went with Navy to hear the band play, then Navy went to ND band to hear Notre Dame Our Mother the official university song.  You simply will never see that in NFL games.

This is a marketing award I won two year ago, before my accident.