The Need to Focus on the Buyer

The world is changing fast.  New technology comes all the time.  For instance, smart robots and the new iPhone has a professional class camera.


People are trying to grow their businesses and are looking for people to help them be successful.  Are your salespeople prepared for that?

I’ve seen great articles by sales leaders like Jill Konrath who share how to use LinkedIn to do research on those needs and to get insights.  Another covered the need to review the sales call after the call is over.

I’ve got load of sales experience, but not looking to do that now.  I led the global team that grew GE by 284 percent in just one year from $3.1 million to $6.8 million.

That was interesting because the product was business intelligence and the customer wanted Digital Cockpits, better known as management dashboards.  I changed my terminology to match the customer and worked closely with marketing, making marketing materials that matched the customer terminology with screen shots and updating my global team.

I knew that Barbara Bertuzzi in Italy would focus on her easiest of 25 accounts.  I had to make GE the easiest for her.

I just want to help you have success too like I had back then.

Make sure your salespeople are not simply focused on your products.   I have to say that they don’t buy products but rather solutions to business needs.  Unless you understand the business needs fully, you cannot sell.  Your Marketing department is your best ally, so work with them.

This graphic on the five rings is a bit dated, but the ideas live on.  I suggest you review to understand the buyer priorities, the success factors, the perceived barriers and the journey before asking for a decision.


I hope this post is helpful to you all.  I love comments and those who share it on social media.  It would also be nice if top companies linked to me.