The Book that Saved my Life

Over two years ago, I was working for Best Buy in the computer department.  Someone wanted to buy a monitor, and we had none on the floor.  So go to the warehouse in the back, bring in 6 or so to restock the floor and sell one.

One problem, the unstored inventory blocked the path to the ladder to take it down from the high shelf.  So I did the alternative and walked on the shelf to carry the monitors to the ladder.

I fainted and fell 10 to 12 feet to a concrete floor.  My spine was cracked in two places and I was very badly injured.  However, it was April Fools Day and they had a hard time convincing management that I was hurt.

I was in intensive care for 6 weeks and wore a Halo to allow my spine to heal. That is the image.

My mom thought I was going to die and my wife said “I’ve known Jeff for years and he is a fighter.  He will not give up and don’t give up on him.”

I was under the care of doctors and nurses.

All you can do is watch TV or read.  My son gave me a book entitled Never Give Up by Ted Bruski of the New England Patriots.  He had a hole in his heart, had open heart surgery and work so hard he got back to the Patriots and won a Super Bowl.

I thought the doctors are doing their best and the nurses are very nice, but if it is to be, it is up to me.

The physical therapist came into my room and said “You have bandages and tubes all over your body, but there is smile on your face like you don’t have a care in the world.”

I’m healthy and well know, smarts and strong.  I still have some effects but I’m in great shape and content.

That book saved my life.   I hope it helps you too.  Have you a story like this?