A Down Year for my Alma Mater

Notre Dame may have invented the game of football, but they have not won a championship since 1988.

Knute Rockne in the 1920s created it and the movie Rudy, voted by ESPN as one of the best 25 sports movies, is about ND football and a struggling young man who trys and trys to get in.  It actually happened.

This year is no different from earlier struggles.  They lost to Texas and Duke and one more.  They are 3-5 and fired their defensive coordinator, Brian Van Gorder.

I heard our hoops team is number one thank you very much.

Can a former star come back?  Is ND finished forever?  What do you think?  Watched a game with my brother, but they lost to Navy.

This blog is usually about sales and marketing, but I am an ND graduate.  BBA in Marketing in 1982.  NBC said it was one of the top 15 schools in the USA along with Stanford.