My blog keeps people interested and a great movie

I write a blog to keep people’s interest in my stuff.  I hope to get people interested in what I am doing.  I like movies and stuff a lot too.

We saw a movie with my Notre Dame roommates called London Falling.  It was  about a major attack on London by a Midwest organization.  The hero of the movie was a Secret Service agent with a new wife and baby.

The President was there and they flew in helicopters to save themselves but the bad guys launched missiles at them.  Finally they ran out of chaff to block to missiles and the helicopter crashed.

The bad guys finally capture the President and the Secret Service agent works with the British Secret Service.  They find the President and he plants a bomb and tells the British agent to press the button on his call.  He called and the agent refused.  Finally he pushed it and the bomb created a fire storm.  The agent and President went to the elevator and jumped in.  They fell three floors to land on the elevator.

A British agent helped the bad guys and they got him.  It was a great movie and thanks to my Notre Dame roommates for taking me to it.

November 20th is my birthday by the way.