Notre Dame won on Saturday

They defeated Army on Saturday 44- 16 and play ranked Virginia Tech tomorrow and USC, also ranked next Saturday.  Kind of sad to beat Army and it’s great traditions.

Hopefully the wins will keep coming but I don’t know.  I am a Notre Dame grad.  Ironically, my mom asked me not to go there due to the cost and I said “I appreciate that but I will do my best to get a degree.” and I did do it.  Worked so much there during summers and school.  I got it done.

I also have a new iPhone 7 and I think Apple has revolutionized phone use using that phone.  The camera is world class and it has news, stocks, and more. It is a touch screen.  It conveys the marketing concept of being different.

Retek also is a good example, when they closed on Black Friday and paid all employees on the biggest shopping day of the year.  They got great press.

My birthday is Sunday, November 20th, by the way.

I have many years of sales success and marketing chops but after my nasty fall over two years ago, I’m not looking for a job now.  You would have to make a big offer to get me now.