If you do something, become the best

One goal I have to become the best at what I do.  That’s my clear goal.

I’ve played a 12 string guitar for years and taking lessons on playing rock anthems is a clear goal of mine.  Hopefully, Mark can help me set it up. I follow Fender on Twitter now.

My company is now in a new site.  You will find Find New Customers here.  But I am in Clearwater.

I also hope to get back into scuba diving, now that I am in Florida.  When I lived on Long Island, New York, I became a NAUI certified diver and did a week of diving in the Florida Keys.  Hope to revisit it.

I also graduated from #8 Notre Dame and last Saturday they barely beat #12 Stanford 17-14.  Nice to get a win and they play USC tomorrow.  They lost badly 45-27 to a very fast and athletic USC team in the pouring rain in Los Angeles.

Sunday is my birthday and we we’ll go to Mass.  Happy Birthday Jeff.  Thanks to Mom and Mark for the early gifts.