Marketing AwardAs companies struggle to develop enough qualified sales opportunities to fill sales funnels and make quotas, they turn to lead generation experts like me.

Thanks to Brand Quarterly for this great marketing award in 2014.

See or click on the image to see all the marketing experts on that award – including me.

Salespeople are always saying “Give us better sales leads” and they are right. Most companies need better sales leads – also known as business leads.

It takes still and knowledge to create great marketing programs and magnetically attract the right kind of buyers your company. Or as we like to say, you need Mr. Right Nows.

Check out the most Likeable Company in B2B marketing today, Find New Customers, where we have a great video on that theme right on our company page. Or fill out this form or simply type Find New Customers into Google Maps. We are also on Bing Maps.

Find New Customers is a Likeable company because we are partnered with a great company In NYC called Likeable Local, so please check them out or fill out the form below.



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