Why does Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers blog so often?

The answers are simple as to why the blog of Find New Customers  publishes six days a week Here are my 3 Reasons for you.: Search engine marketing Built in in WordPress.com, so every post is saying “Hello Google. Here I am.” Hi Google! Readers Many people read this blog – that I never want… Read More

The 7 Second Website Test for B2B Marketers

B2B Lead Generation | The 7 Second Website Test This is one of our most popular posts from 2010 and since it is relevant today, we want to bring it back. At the Social Media Camp on Long Island, we got into an interesting discussion about how to get attention to drive sales leads. When I shared… Read More

The Problem with Kids: How Your Products and Services are Truly Perceived

B2B Lead Generation | Why your products and services are like your kids Want to crank up sales and profits in your company? Then stop talking about your kids. I adore my kids. Three boys – 18, 15, and 12. Great kids. Want to watch my videos or flip through our family photos? Of course… Read More

Where are the American companies?

B2B Demand Generation | Where are the American companies? Over the weekend, Find New Customers was quite popular. Lots of great marketing content was flying out, as company after company registered and downloaded it. But I had an observation: The companies downloading ranged from massive (Over $3 billion) to 3 employees. But they all had… Read More

The Power of Story-telling in B2B Marketing

Find New Customers | The Power of Great Story-Telling Story-Telling is a powerful tool in B2B marketing. Strong characters, great story lines and an engaging plot grabs the viewer and holds on tight. Since the biggest challenge in content marketing is “Producing engaging content” according to MarketingProfs, B2B companies can take a lot from story-telling.… Read More

B2B Marketing Simplified

Lead Generation Companies: B2B Marketing Simplified Provide the right content to the right person at the right time in the right media That’s the essence of lead generation programs – B2B lead generation in a nutshell, if you will. And as this chart shows, sales lead generation addresses the top challenge of Chief Marketing Officers… Read More

The Problem with Email

Email is the lynch-pin of B2B marketing but…. What’s easy and cheap also has a downside 9 in 10 Email Users Have Unsubscribed Nine in 10 (91%) US email users have subscribed to a company’s email and later decided they don’t want to receive it, according to [pdf] a new report from Exact Target and CoTweet. Data from… Read More

Hosting the B2B Track at the Aprimo Marketing Summit 2011

Are you joining me at the Aprimo Marketing Summit? A world class line up of speakers. Great content. A superb location. Why not? It opens this Sunday evening. If you are a B2B company going, I’ll be your host. I look forward to meeting you. Feel free to ping me in advance too by sending… Read More

How Weak Marketing Leads to Bad Fiscal Results

Weak Marketing leads to poor fiscal results – that is our conclusion. Here’s how we came to that conclusion: Since OneSource is a client of Find New Customers, we use the product iSell to research companies. (We also invite you to visit the superb sales-oriented blog B2B Sales Lounge we write for them.) iSell is… Read More

The Problem with Kids: How Your Products and Services are Truly Perceived

I adore my kids. Three boys – 17, 14, and 11. Great kids. Want to watch my videos or flip through our family photos? Of course not. You don’t know them and you’re happy for me, but you could not care less. Welcome to the real world of Business to Business sales and marketing. No… Read More