A Down Year for Notre Dame

Notre Dame is normally expected to win 8 or 9 games in a 12 game season.  Every game is on national TV and they have more Heisman trophy winners than any other school. But this year was way down as they finished the year at 4-8. My freshman year Joe Montana was our quarterback. Losing… Read More

A Day to remember our heroes

Friday is Veterans Day, a time to remember the brave men and women who defended our country. My brother took me to watch a movie called Hacksaw Ridge (video included) directed by Mel Gibson that featured a highly underestimated private that saved a great many men at Io Jima after a major battle there. Badly… Read More

My goal for the balance of 2014 – Become an expert on Likeable Local!

Jeff Ogden (click name to follow me on Twitter) of Find New Customers is now partnered with Likeable Local, “Social Media Marketing Software to Make You More Successful” to offer the medical industry in Florida, which is massive. But it’s now the holiday season and people are shopping and no longer focused on business, so our… Read More

The Problem with LinkedIn InMails – They Often Don’t Work

“Linkedin InMails come back undelivered WAY too often” says the marketing expert Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers, who’s won the SLMA award three years in a row, and is about to get a prestigious award later this month. I help people all the time – all day and all night  on LinkedIn, Twitter, you name… Read More

The Importance of a Good Leadership page – Rob and Deploy Ideas

“R&D – Rob and Deploy – the best marketing ideas from others” by Henry Devries One of the best ways to promote your LinkedIn profile is to add a View my LinkedIn Profile button to the top of your blog, which we did.  It’s at the top of this blog now. Thanks to LinkedIn and… Read More

95% have bad marketing. What I’m finding at Companies in the Tampa/St. Petersburg areas

The Vast Majority of Companies in Tampa/St. Petersburg area are REALLY Bad at Marketing – but a couple of firms are really good at marketing. Who are these firms and what do these have in common? One was a law firm and the other was a software firm called ConnectWise. Both firms have a Chief… Read More

How Marketing Grew to be the Most Important Area of Your Business (without your knowledge)

This is also a mail sent out by Find New Customers. We as human beings are famous for being slow to embrace change or see the future. Unfortunately it has affected the world of sales and marketing dramatically. Let’s look at a past example. The invention of the internal combustion engine is one such example… Read More

Passion for Hire – the Biggest Mistake Companies do in Hiring

“Brands don’t build themselves. It takes people.” from Brainfluence Branding by Roger Dooley, a book on engaging consumers of your products based on science. (I’ll post a book review soon too.) Roger cites a bo0k by Kate Newlin, and her book Passion Brands, Why Some Brands are Just Gotta Have, Drive All Night For. and… Read More

3 Marketing Ideas from a great marketing company – Kinaxis

B2B Demand Generation | Learning from the best What can you learn from the savviest marketing companies on Earth? Kinaxis is a supply chain software company in Ottawa, Canada that competes against much larger rivals with very deep pockets.  With that kind of challenge, how are they faring? Quite well. Thank you. I spoke with… Read More