Sorry Toto. We’re not in NYC any more.

Find New Customers is in Tampa/St Petersburg and  not Long Island, NY This blog is more popular than it has ever been. Thank you so much! I still get lots of emails from my former life in Long Island, NY.  But Find New Customers is now in Tampa/St. Peterburg, Florida and is no longer in… Read More

A Must Visit Site for Companies in the Tampa/St. Peterburg areas

For companies in Western Florida, especially the Tampa/St. Petersburg areas, there’s a site you really need to visit and it is Find New Customers. If you are as tired of the Florida governors race as I am, do yourself a favor and see the new superb video you will find at Find New Customers. It… Read More

Have You Visited Find New Customers recently?

Marketing looks for Mr. Right.  Sales Looks for Mr. Right Nows That’s the theme of the awesome video on Find New Customers that you will find right away when you visit. That video will blow the door off every sales and marketing leader in America! It is really that good. Check it out now by… Read More

How Changing Sales is Impacting Your Business (without your knowledge)

At the nicest B2B marketing company, Find New Customers, we’ve really cranked up marketing. That’s important for smaller businesses in this noisy world of today. And we’re working on a great video clip that will blow away business executives. Stay tuned! Frankly, in our long history, it’s something I’ve never done before. But since my… Read More

I’m sorry. but I don’t believe you. The Importance of Third Parties.

The problem of disbelief affects many companies.  Think of buying a new car.  Which of these would you trust? Your next door neighbor who owns the model. TV ads Car sales people I bet at least 9 out of 10 people would choose 1.  Yet companies rarely reach out to trusted third parties. That is… Read More

Good stuff happening at Find New Customers!

Bringing the Business Marketing Association to its first Florida chapter, in Tampa, Florida. This is BIG news for Tampa.  In fact, I recently got a call from Tampa Bay Business Journal, who’s interested in writing and publishing this story. The Tampa area is filled with lousy marketers and a small number of very savvy ones.… Read More

In the Content Marketing Kingdom, Third-Party Experts Rule

This blog has a new premium template. What do you think of it? Smart B2B Marketers Look for External Experts Recently, a West Coast software firm hired Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers and Creator &  Host of Marketing Made Simple TV – and his world-class network – to write articles to promote their… Read More

Step 4: Lead Scoring – What is it and what does it have to do with lead nurturing?

Let’s say you’ve done all the earlier marketing steps: You hired a pro and developed buyer personas. (If you did, you are ahead of 98% of companies out there today.) You created content marketing – ebooks, white papers, videos, case studies, etc. You bought marketing automation and set up lead nurturing First, let me ask… Read More

Find New Customers now in Florida

The nicest company in B2B marketing today, Find New Customers,  is now in Florida, rather than New York. Major announcement coming on Monday right here on this popular blog. To contact this award winning marketing expert, just fill out the form below. What do you think? Love comments here. This blog is written by the… Read More

When Doing Content Marketing, Create a Header for your Content

Failure to plan is the biggest problem in B2B marketing today! In Lisa Dreher’s Marketing Made Simple TV “Anatomy of a Great Marketing Campaign” show, you learned how an award-winning marketing campaign was built upon a foundation of deep research and planning.  Skip this and your campaigns fall on their face. Ready, fire, aim does… Read More