There’s No Difference Between Black, White or Green people

The award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers (@fearlesscomp on Twitter. Follow me please) recently went to a park and shot basketballs with a bunch of young high school boys and girls. An ugly race argument came out that I wish to share. One of the reason I blog is for Search Engine Optimization.… Read More and Search Engine Optimization

All About SEO on, which is what Fearless Competitor is based upon, the blog of Find New Customers. Why don’t you follow @fearlesscomp on Twitter, like 6,303 of your friends do, Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers, who is celebrating his birthday today, was concerned about SEO rank for the blog of Find New Customers.… Read More

Top 50 Marketing Thought Leader over the age of 50 Award

This award was just presented to Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers by Brand Quarterly magazine.  You can follow him on Twitter using @fearlesscomp Alan See 50 Marketing Thought-Leaders Over 50 to know via @BrandQuarterly ~  including @barbfow50 @garymkatz @fearlesscomp Just click on the Twitter button below to share it on Twitter.,

Here’s Why Dumping Ron and iOptimize Marketing was the right idea

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers, the nicest company in BtoB marketing, once worked for Greenlight Digital in London for a very short period of time. After leaving Greenlight, I partnered with the man  they foolishly invited to replace me and formed our first company, iOptimize Marketing, focused on the hospitality industry. We built… Read More

Great News for companies in Tampa/St Petersburg, Florida – the BMA is coming

The Business Marketing Association is coming to Tampa Bay soon – within weeks. Please vote for Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers for the SLMA marketing award. You have to register for the Sales Lead Management Association, but it’s free and you vote for up to three, This is awesome news for companies in the Tampa/St.… Read More

Today Begins the JotForm Web Form Design Awards 2014 – Guest Post

 To celebrate the awe-inspiring forms users have been creating using Jotform’s new Form Designer, the company today launched a contest challenging people to come up with even more. And so far, the results are good. JotForm has already received well over 1,000 signups from eager contestants, and the number is expected to grow considerably before… Read More

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is proud to be a nominee for SLMA Marketing Award

Jeff Ogden nominated for the 2014 SLMA Marketing Award Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is proud to be nominated for the prestigious SLMA marketing award, which he also won the last three years in a row, Marketing awards are very important to me and another marketing award is coming later this month. Please vote… Read More

The Importance of a Good Leadership page – Rob and Deploy Ideas

“R&D – Rob and Deploy – the best marketing ideas from others” by Henry Devries One of the best ways to promote your LinkedIn profile is to add a View my LinkedIn Profile button to the top of your blog, which we did.  It’s at the top of this blog now. Thanks to LinkedIn and… Read More