Here’s Why Dumping Ron and iOptimize Marketing was the right idea

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers, the nicest company in BtoB marketing, once worked for Greenlight Digital in London for a very short period of time. After leaving Greenlight, I partnered with the man  they foolishly invited to replace me and formed our first company, iOptimize Marketing, focused on the hospitality industry. We built… Read More

Clueless Hiring Managers – Check out this example

For the role of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Dear Jeffrey, Thank you for the interest you have expressed in the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer position and in employment with Atrion Networking. At this time, we have decided to concentrate our attention on other candidates who we believe best meet the current needs of our… Read More

The 5 Most Important Questions Hiring Managers Should Ask – but Don’t

Hiring managers are making a big mistake – they are asking the wrong questions.  Most often they want to know your role and for whom you worked. But that’s the wrong question. For instance, to hire a Demand Generation Manager, they might be looking for someone who did that role for a competitor.  But my… Read More