How to make your 2012 sales quota (or look for a new job)

B2B Lead Generation | How to Find New Customers Here are a few facts to cause deep concerns (Data from CSO Insights): (For a related post, check out Why Sales Needs Content Marketing and Marketing Automation.) Over 9 out 10 companies (95%) raised sales quotas in 2011. They will undoubtedly go up again in 2012.… Read More

Buying software is easy. Fixing Lead Generation is hard.

B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard. If you want to make sales quota in 2012, get started today! Right now! Immediately! SaaS marketing automation products like Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua and the like are very, very easy to buy. Give them a credit card, they give you a login.… Read More

The Secret to Effective Voice Mail Messages—with Kelley Robertson

B2B Demand Generation | Leaving Effective Voice-mail Messages Good B2B demand generation relies on the phone. Emails are not two-way, so the phone plays a critical role in uncovering buyer needs and preferences. This means they leave lots and lots of voice mail messages. Improving the effectiveness of those messages would help a lot. So… Read More

3 Reasons Qlikview is killing Microstrategy

B2B Demand Generation | Why an upstart is killing the incumbent I recently met with Microstrategy and their marketing leadership expressed concerns about a new competitor, Qlikview. I thought it might be helpful if I analyzed the justification for their concerns. Microstrategy is a big, established player in business intelligence, but lately a company called… Read More

Why “We’re the Leading Provider of” is NOT!

Lead Generation Companies | Why “We’re the leading provider of” is a BIG Mistake As an experiment, I did a Google search on “Leading Provider of” Wow! Lots and lots of hits. Here’s an example: Olive Software – the leading provider of digital edition & digital … A click on their website takes me to… Read More

We’re a small company. We can’t afford B2B demand generation

B2B Demand Generation | Limited Budgets Some companies lack resources to do a soup to nuts program like those offered by Find New Customers. For instance, our Full Demand Generation Program takes 6-8 months and costs many tens of thousands of dollars. But many companies are just getting started in B2B demand generation. They need… Read More

Panel Discussion: B2B Content Marketing for Marketing Automation

B2B Demand Generation | Content Marketing for Marketing Automation Join me on this webinar at 8am ET tomorrow. The link to sign up is below. I’m the first to admit I get WAY too many webinar invitations. I ignore 98% of them at least. But when three good friends and people you respect host a… Read More

Stop Marketing in the Dark – sponsored by Act-On Software

B2B Demand Generation | Stop Marketing in the Dark Act-On Software hosted a webinar entitled “Stop Marketing in the Dark.” The featured speaker was Jeff Ogden, President of the B2B Lead Generation company, Find New Customers. (@fearlesscomp) To learn about Jeff, please visit Who is the Fearless Competitor? If you missed the live broadcast, Find… Read More

What do you wish you asked your marketing automation vendor before buying?

B2B Lead Generation | 20-20 Hindsight on Marketing Automation Hindsight is 20/20 and buyers of marketing automation software are probably thinking “If I had only known what I know now. Implementing Marketing Automation is hard work.” Thankfully, our friends at Marketing Automation Software Guide did a survey to ask exactly that question: “What do you… Read More

Marketing on a Budget – Methods for Executing Great Marketing Campaigns (Without Breaking the Bank!)

B2B Demand Generation | Guest Post by Dee Mason We’re pleased to present this guest post by freelance writer, Dee Mason. Thanks Dee. Please note this is similar to our post/presentation “How to Do Great Marketing with (Almost) No Money.” ___________ Start-up businesses tend to have the highest mountains to climb. In the current financial… Read More