Trust and the Big Lie of Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation: Capturing Accurate Information on Forms Last Friday, someone filled out this form to download content. It’s exactly the theme of this post. People lie. (By the way, we no longer deliver the content after the form is completed, we email a link to the content. This ensures they use a valid email… Read More

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

B2B Demand Generation | The Move from Outbound (Traditional) to Inbound (New) Marketing Superb infographic by Voltier Digital that ran at Mashable that I HAVE to share today with our great fans. More and more good lead generation programs have larger and larger inbound components. Enjoy! __ Thanks to the Internet, marketing has evolved. Buyers no longer… Read More

2012 Revenue – Making It Happen vs. Hoping It Happens

B2B Lead Generation | Ensuring You Make Your Number in 2012 The folks from CSO Insights and 3FORWARD did a webinar by this title recently. The key lesson was that, for 2012 planning, what you do today is critical. The investments you make today pay dividends next year. Here are some of their conclusions: Sales quotas… Read More

12 Marketing-Takeways from the B2B Marketing Manifesto

B2B Demand Generation | 12 Marketing Take-Aways One of our favorite content marketing firms is Velocity Partners in London, creators of a 42 page “rant” called the B2B Marketing Manifesto. Doug Kessler, an American living over there, recently participated in a webinar with Bob Apollo, Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners and John Sweeney of DemandGen in which… Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages for Better Conversions

B2B Lead Generation | 5 Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages Great post at the Content Marketing Institute by Rachel Foster. I summarize Rachel’s post below, but you can read the full post at 5 Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages for Better Conversions. Her bio appears below. Thank you, Rachel. _______ As a content… Read More

Buying software is easy. Fixing Lead Generation is hard.

B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard. If you want to make sales quota in 2012, get started today! Right now! Immediately! SaaS marketing automation products like Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua and the like are very, very easy to buy. Give them a credit card, they give you a login.… Read More

How to Turn a Good White Paper into a GREAT Lead Generation asset

B2B Lead Generation: Is a White Paper just great content or a great lead generation tool. What’s the difference? In this post, we explain how to turn that great new white paper you just published into a superb lead generation tool — using the best-practice approach of one of our favorite companies, Kinaxis. Do you… Read More

Why Sales needs Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

B2B Demand Generation | The Benefit to Sales If you’re in BtoB Sales, you may be thinking that this great content stuff and demand generation talk belongs in marketing. After all, you need to close deals! “This mumbo-jumbo’s not for me. I need to be out there talking to prospective customers.” I think the problem… Read More

3 Reasons Qlikview is killing Microstrategy

B2B Demand Generation | Why an upstart is killing the incumbent I recently met with Microstrategy and their marketing leadership expressed concerns about a new competitor, Qlikview. I thought it might be helpful if I analyzed the justification for their concerns. Microstrategy is a big, established player in business intelligence, but lately a company called… Read More

Why “We’re the Leading Provider of” is NOT!

Lead Generation Companies | Why “We’re the leading provider of” is a BIG Mistake As an experiment, I did a Google search on “Leading Provider of” Wow! Lots and lots of hits. Here’s an example: Olive Software – the leading provider of digital edition & digital … A click on their website takes me to… Read More