Great News for companies in Tampa/St Petersburg, Florida – the BMA is coming

The Business Marketing Association is coming to Tampa Bay soon – within weeks. Please vote for Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers for the SLMA marketing award. You have to register for the Sales Lead Management Association, but it’s free and you vote for up to three, This is awesome news for companies in the Tampa/St.… Read More

Get & Keep Customers with iPhone Apps

We’re pleased to submit this guest post by Henry Fitzgerald. Thanks, Henry. We’re big believers in mobile. Check out our post, Attention B2B Marketers | Embrace the Future (It ain’t Plastics, it’s Mobile) Henry Fitzgerald is a technology consultant based in Seattle. Focusing on software development to innovate business strategies, he enables innovative companies, including… Read More

Attention B2B Marketers : Embrace the Future (It ain’t Plastics, it’s Mobile)

B2B Demand Generation | The Future is Mobile In the classic movie, The Graduate, a young man named Benjamin (played by Dustin Hoffman), fresh out of college was approached by a business man, Mr. McGuire. This dialog took place: Mr. McGuire: “Benjamin, I want to say one word to you. Just one word.” Benjamin: “Yes,… Read More

Developing an Integrated Content Marketing Strategy that Works – Guest Post

B2B Lead Generation | Guest Post from Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute We at the B2B demand generation company, Find New Customers, are delighted to bring you this guest post by top content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi, co-Author of Get Content, Get Customers and founder of Junta42. (Full bio follows the post.) Thank… Read More

Ever-Changing Rules: New Era Challenges For CMOs

Lead Generation Companies | New Challenges for CMOs How to make your company thrive in the new world How good is your company at B2B lead generation? Take this free survey and find out. Chief Marketer magazine had an interesting post about the changing world of the Chief Marketing Officer. I liked it because it… Read More

Find New Customers: Just what is “Inbound Marketing?”

Hubspot (a superb marketing organization!) talks about it a relentlessly and, without question, inbound marketing IS the single most important part of your b2b lead generation programs. (We recommend about 80% inbound and 20% outbound – but not 100% inbound.) Inbound marketing also matters because outbound marketing  leads to online research. If you attract prospective… Read More

2011 Digital Marketing Trends

Love the hard data in content. Here’s a great Slideshare from them on key trends in 2001. 2 Key Take-Aways: Social media and mobile are huge. Buyers are migrating. Some really good insights in here. What do you think? We love comments and people who share. Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is President of the B2B… Read More

Leveraging the mobile platform in marketing automation

(Please note that Aprimo is a client of Find New Customers. Though we strive for independence and honesty, we feel it important that our readers be aware of any fiscal relationship.) Recently, I wrote a post describing mobile as “the most intimate of communications devices.” That post received rave reviews. But now a marketing automation… Read More