Marketing on a Budget – Methods for Executing Great Marketing Campaigns (Without Breaking the Bank!)

B2B Demand Generation | Guest Post by Dee Mason We’re pleased to present this guest post by freelance writer, Dee Mason. Thanks Dee. Please note this is similar to our post/presentation “How to Do Great Marketing with (Almost) No Money.” ___________ Start-up businesses tend to have the highest mountains to climb. In the current financial… Read More

Sunday Post: Never have a laptop stolen (and not recovered) again!

This is a very important Sunday post – if you own a valuable laptop computer. Do this now. Monday through Saturday, we discuss B2B marketing and lead generation. Sundays are different. Recently I read an article about purses and laptops stolen at Starbucks. So when I read a story in the Huffington Post about how… Read More

How to Do Great Marketing with (Almost) No Money

Can you really market a business without a lot of money? B2B Lead Generation on a shoe-string. Is it possible? (We wrote this special post for March Marketing Madness. But we also share it with our readers here.) Many small companies and startups are afflicted with a serious problem – they have little spare cash.… Read More

Laugh and Learn featuring @fearlesscomp – Episode 17 – Poke the Box

We save special treats for you on Fridays – time for fun! In this edition of our weekly show, we share insights from one of our favorites, Seth Godin. Seth discusses the ideas in his new book, Poke the Box, which we love because it matches our values and passions at Find New Customers. Go… Read More

Overview of Find New Customers

Forgive us, but we simply wish to share a brief company overview of the B2B Lead Generation company Find New Customers. Sales lead generation is critical today. To remind you why this is so important, take a look at top CMO challenges. Please visit Find New Customers for more  – and to download our great… Read More

Find new customers using guest posts, Twitter and other stuff

Thoughts and prayers go out to the protesters in Egypt. May they be safe. I also believe the regime will soon fall, as I believe the army is about to switch sides. Congratulations to @Kinaxis for winning Best B2B Marketing Idea of 2010 award we presented on Friday. Here’s the remarkable series that won the… Read More

Things are looking up…kinda

It was suggested that on Sunday posts, we go personal. “Write something about what you are doing for the business instead of what the business does” Good idea. Here you go. With this post, I want to reflect on this year almost gone. I’m SO thankful for my business supporters, my allies and, most importantly,… Read More

Over the holidays, check out the B2B Marketing “library”

With the long Thanksgiving holidy in the USA, executives look forward to visiting with family. But they they also have some quiet time for reflection and undoubtedly have one eye keenly trained on 2011 too. With the economic troubles of 2010, they are undoubtedly thinking. How can we ensure 2011 is a lot better than… Read More

The exciting, challenging, scary world of B2B marketing

(Don’t miss the Fearless Competitor appearing live on HubSpotTV on November 19th at 4:00pm ET) There’s never been a more exciting – or a scarier– time to be a B2B marketer. In a recently study by MarketingSherpa, they found fully 8 out of 10 companies saying a lack of quality sales leads is their biggest… Read More