Jeff Ogden is the former President of the the B2B demand generation company, Find New Customers. a Tampa Bay demand generation agency. but I’m also a nice but humble man with a hairy, audacious goal:

I’m a 1982 Notre Dame grad with a lifetime commitment to Fighting Irish. Never missed a game when I was a student there and I never will the rest of my life, like every other Notre Dame grad.

I was a member of the Notre Dame Club of Long Island and now I am a member of the Notre Dame Club of Tampa Bay

Doctor David Tulisak is a Notre Dame grad and a dear friend of mine.

To change the world of BtoB marketing forever by helping companies create Epic Content Marketing and world class demand generation programs.

That’s why we are now creating awesome videos each month with Presentation Coach Bob Turel. (see photo)BobTurel

(This blog publishes 3-4 days a week and  We’re honored that so many of you –  75,000 or more – have stopped by.)

To change the world of B2B marketing for the better and help struggling salespeople make their numbers with better sales leads and we want to help you too.

I’m tired of boring websites, crappy content, and mind-numbing me, me, me product information. Are you too? Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute told me “Even after a hundred years, content marketing is till in its infancy. and there’s a lot of bad content out there.”

Unfortunately, prospective buyers are bored too, which is why salespeople lack enough qualified sales leads to make quota. (Resulting in over 4 out of 10 not making quota.) Despite of this, almost every company (95%) are raising quotas, according to recent data.

Raising quotas does not improve results.  More Mr. Right Nows aka better sales leads will.

Increasing New Customer Acquisition is the #1 goal of more than 8 out of 10 companies. (as per CSO Insights)

Will you join me?

I’m the former President of the B2B lead generation company, Find New Customers.

We help companies with 50 to 5,000 employees who sell complex products to businesses to implement and deploy world class lead generation programs.

Why is that important? 8 out of 10 companies say the lack of quality sales leads is the #1 problem they face. So the services of b2b lead generation companies such as Find New Customers are really important. It’s their biggest problem!

To show the world what needs to be done in the arenas of demand generation and fill sales funnels with high quality sales leads, I’ve created a lot of lead generation content, including:

I bet you’d only join a cause if the leader had solid core values.  Here are mine:

– Teach people to do the right things.
– Listen more than you talk.
– Champion the individual.
– Love your customer.
– A promise made is a promise kept. (Too few follow this one!)
– Give to receive.

I’m also featured in the book Get Back to Work Faster and hold a degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame, which may be teaching the next generation of B2B marketers with our content. (For instance, How to Find New Customers is taught to MBA students in the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame.)

I can be reached by email at jeff.ogden at  or call (516) 456-8218

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